Mammoth Underfloor Insulation – High Performance, Sustainable Underfloor Insulation

March 11, 2020 at 3:07 PM

Mammouth_Insulation.jpgHere at Easy Insulation we like to support New Zealand made insulation while also thinking about sustainability. That’s why we choose Mammoth for our underfloor insulation.


  1. Soft polyester, made using fibres from recycled plastic bottles. It’s the same material that is used in household duvets and pillows.
  2. Non-itch, non-toxic 100% polyester. Unlike traditional fibreglass insulation, Mammoth insulation is free of glues, binders, formaldehyde and pesticides.
  3. Safe to handle and easy to install. You don’t need to wear gloves, goggles and coveralls to handle it.
  4. Heat bonded so it won’t slump over time.
  5. Moisture, mould and mildew resistant.
  6. Friction-fitted segments for easy high performance underfloor installations.
  7. Manufactured by a carboNZero certified organisation and Red List free.
  8. New Zealand-Made insulation.
  9. Long lasting with a 50 year warranty.
  10. We recommend it.







Mammoth™ insulation is made in NZ from 100% polyester and designed to create warmer, healthier environments. Mammoth™ includes fibres from recycled plastic bottles, is Red List Free and 100% recyclable. Mammoth also comes with a 50 year warranty. (Ts&Cs apply).

Underfloor insulation is core to the thermal efficiency of your house, it makes it warmer, quieter, healthier and more energy efficient.

 Mammoth™ Modern Insulation is 100% polyester - much the same as your duvets and pillows. It is non-itch, non-toxic and made in New Zealand by a carboNZero certified manufacturer including fibres from recycled plastic bottles.

Whether you're building a new home or retrofitting underfloor insulation to an existing home, Mammoth is a high performance option.

Why does your home need underfloor insulation?

A well-insulated home is a warmer home that saves on energy use and improves the health of New Zealanders. Mammoth™ polyester insulation delivers three core benefits:


Insulation keeps the heat in so your home is warmer in winter and helps keep the heat out in summer so you keep cooler.


A study by the Wellington School of Medicine* confirmed that people who live in insulated homes are healthier**.


Most New Zealand homes need heating in winter and by limiting that heat loss you spend less money to be warm.



Underfloor insulation helps reduce draughts and heat loss for a warmer home.
Heat loss through an uninsulated floor is estimated at 12-14% so if there's sufficient crawl space under your floor, adding insulation is relatively easy and a cost effective way to create a warmer, healthier home.

Mammoth™ underfloor insulation blanket is made from 100% polyester fibres and is a great option for reducing heat loss through floors. The blanket is moisture resistant is designed to be stapled into place between floor joists by an experienced installer or builder. Mammoth underfloor blanket is suitable for both new and existing homes.

Mammoth™ insulation is an easy and cost effective way to create a warmer, healthier home. Heat loss through an uninsulated floor is estimated at 12-14%* so if you have sufficient crawl space under your floor, adding insulation makes sense. EECA and several local councils offer funding support to assist homeowners with retrofitting underfloor and ceiling insulation into existing homes – (Ts&Cs apply).

Call our FREE phone number now to find out if you are eligible. 0800 327 946.




  • Soft roll-form blanket insulation.
  • 100% polyester fibres.
  • Moisture resistant for use underfloor.
  • Won't affect electrical wiring like polystyrene options can.
  • Heat bonded - no glues or resins used in manufacture.
  • No formaldehyde or pesticides added.
  • Easy to handle - non-irritant and non-toxic.
  • Performance warranted for 50 years (Ts&Cs apply).
  • Manufactured in New Zealand by InZone Industries Ltd


Installation of underfloor insulation
Mammoth Underfloor Insulation Blanket is recommended for installation by an experienced installer and must be installed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and in accordance with NZ Standard NZS4246 (Energy Efficiency - Installing Insulation in Residential Buildings). That’s where we come in. Phone us for an obligation free quote 0800 327 946 or fill in an enquiry form by clicking here.




Mammoth Insulation has a 50 year warranty. Mammoth’s product warranty covers that - so long as the insulation is installed correctly and remains adequately protected - Mammoth insulation will perform for 50 years. The warranty applies only to 100% polyester insulation products manufactured by InZone Industries Ltd and not to other composite products manufactured by InZone Industries Ltd. Terms & conditions apply. Read the full warranty at 
For an obligation free quote click here to fill out an enquiry form or phone us FREE on 0800 327 946. Remember to ask about the EECA Warmer Kiwi Homes Insulation subsidy programme we are involved with. You might be eligible.


Mammoth is underpinned by a philosophy of creating better environments which extends to more than just our Mammoth insulation product we manufacture. It incorporates the way we operate the business, our manufacturing processes and the way we help our customers create warmer, healthier more energy efficient environments - all while protecting the largest environment of all, our planet. We feel it is important to consider the environment in all facets of our business and so measuring and monitoring our impact is the only way to understand how we can improve. Our measured carbon emissions will be offset, monitored and continually reduced through a variety of smarter business practices.



* Howden-Chapman, P. et al. “Effect of insulating existing houses on health in equality: Cluster randomised study in the community.” British Medical Journal, 2007. P334:460.

** A study by Otago University showed that improved heating and insulation cut hospital admissions for respiratory conditions by 38% and energy use by 19%.

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