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Ground Moisture Barriers

Creating comfortable, energy-efficient, and healthy homes is a top priority for homeowners and landlords. In this quest for better living environments, insulation plays a pivotal role. One critical element of insulation in New Zealand is the ground moisture barrier. Let's explore how ground moisture barriers work, why they are essential, and their significance in complying with the Healthy Homes Standards in New Zealand....

November 13, 2023

A Warming Initiative: Easy Insulation Boosts EECA Warmer Kiwi Homes insulation funding to 100%*

In a groundbreaking move that will surely warm the hearts and homes of countless New Zealanders in the Taupo, South Waikato, Rotorua and Ruapehu districts, Easy Insulation is proud to announce a substantial increase in the EECA Warmer Kiwi Homes insulation subsidy for some eligible homeowners.Effective immediately, Easy Insulation is offering funding up to 100% to eligible owner-occupiers* — a significant leap beyond the industry standard. This bold step reaffirms Easy Insulation's unwavering ...

September 14, 2023

Discover Everything You Need to Know About the EECA Warmer Kiwi Homes Programme!

In this blog we will tell you all you need to know about the EECA Warmer Kiwi Homes Programme. How it works and how to find out if you are eligible....

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