AlexHouse___GreenStuf_-Insulation.jpgWe supply and install the majority of our products in-house through our accredited
air-conditioning, electrical, woodburner, ventilation, and insulation staff. We’ve got a great crew of experienced staff with plenty of resource. We use some of New Zealand’s most reliable brands, and we’ve been doing this since 2008 so we’ve got a fair idea on
the best way to help make your home warmer and drier.

  • Healthy Homes Standards Assesments
  • Retrofit insulation: ceiling, underfloor, recessed wall, ground vapour barriers
  • New build / commercial insulation: supply and install, or install only
  • Air-conditioning: split system heat pumps, multi heat pumps, ducted systems
  • Woodburner installation, decommissioning, and building consent administration
  • Ventilation systems: positive pressure, energy recovery, and integrated ducted
    air-conditioning/ERV systems, heat transfer kits
  • Electrical installations: LED downlight replacements, extractor fans, other electrical chores

Our latest blogs

Dec 04, 2019


Did you know that Easy Insulation has access to insulation funding through the Warmer Kiwi Homes programme? We can insulate both your ceiling and underfloor, and you get 67% off the total cost*!

Dec 17, 2019


A question we get asked frequently by our customers is “how does insulation actually work?” Here is a basic summary for you, to assist in your understanding of what can be a somewhat complex explanation.

Mar 11, 2020


Here at Easy Insulation we like to support New Zealand made insulation while also thinking about sustainability. That’s why we choose Mammoth for our underfloor insulation.


Areas we cover

Based in Taupo, Easy Insulation, Heating, and Ventilation is a vastly experienced service provider providing clean heating, insulation, ventilation and electrical services. We service multiple towns and rural areas within the Central Plateau.



Taupo District



South Waikato District



Rotorua Lakes District


Ruapehu District


Programmes we’re involved with

Easy Insulation is a long-standing contractor in some fantastic clean heating and insulation programmes offered by local, regional or central Governments across the Central Plateau. Some of our programmes offer 100% funding, some are partially subsidised, and others offer council rates lending (interest free or interest bearing).

If you’re thinking about making your home healthier, give us a call and we’ll talk you through whether you might be eligible for any of the following programmes:



The healthy homes standards introduce specific and minimum standards for heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture and drainage, and draught stopping in rental properties.

Landlords must make sure that anything provided to meet these standards is appropriate, maintained in good working order, or replaced as needed. All insulation and ground moisture barrier work must be done in accordance with NZS4246:2016.

Find out more about Healthy Homes.


EECA Warmer Kiwi Homes Insulation programme

67% insulation subsidies for eligible home owners


EECA Warmer Kiwi Homes Heat Pump programme

67% insulation subsidies for eligible home owners


EECA Warmer Kiwi Homes Wood Burner programme

67% insulation subsidies for eligible home owners



Bay of Plenty Regional Council ‘Rotorua Hot Swap’ Heating and Insulation programmes

Rates repayment lending for clean air approved heating appliances



Waikato Regional Council ‘Tokoroa On the House’ programme

Fully funded clean air approved woodburners or heat pumps


South Waikato District Council ‘Tokoroa Split the Bill and Buy Now Pay Later’ programmes

Council subsidised clean heat replacement of woodburners with clean air approved woodburners or heat pumps

Remaining costs added to rates repayment lending


Health and Safety accreditation,
and industry association memberships

Easy Insulation is extremely proud of its track record in staff and customer safety since 2008. We have a core belief in safe work practices wherever we are, and that all staff should go home safely each night. Easy Insulation holds the following rigorous health and safety prequalifications, memberships, and systems:


Impac – EECA approved pre-qualification agency


SHE - Local Authority contractor pre-qualification to the Waikato Regional Council, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, and South Waikato District Council

Site_Safe_Logo_200x100.jpgSiteSafe member

Easy_Insulation_200x100.jpgEasy Insulation Health and Safety System

Easy Insulation holds membership affiliations with the following New Zealand associations:

IAONZ_400x108.jpgIAONZ – Insulation Association of New Zealand – founding member

nzhha_logo_200x108.jpgNZHHA – New Zealand Home Heating Association