How Does Insulation Work?

December 17, 2019 at 11:03 AM


A question we get asked frequently by our customers is “how does insulation actually work?” Here is a basic summary for you, to assist in your understanding of what can be a somewhat complex explanation.

Most common insulation products work in a way where the warm or cool air inside the thermal envelope of the home will be efficiently retained, which in turn means that the external air, regardless of season, has a minimised effect on the internal temperature of the home. This allows for the source of your warm or cool air (heating or air conditioning) to be more effective and operate with higher efficiency, thanks to the insulations thermal retention properties.

The ceiling insulation works by the heat in your home rising to the ceiling, at which point the insulation uses its conductive properties and reduces temperature change, then the warm air travels down from your ceiling again, mixing with the colder air to create a warmer ambient temperature. In the warmer seasons, insulation is used in the same way, but to retain the cooler air inside the home.
Underfloor insulation works in a very similar way. In winter, the area beneath your floor becomes very cold. This cool air will affect your flooring by cooling the wood or concrete, which will reduce the heat retention by introducing a cold surface into a warm area. Insulation under your floor provides a barrier, reducing the introduction of colder air to your floor, allowing the produced heat in your home to travel from ceiling to floor, with minimised variation of temperature from warm to cold.

As you can see, we really need to stop thinking about insulation as just a winter requirement – it is so much more than that!

To summarise, insulation prevents both heating and cooling loss from within the home, and prevents cool and warm air from coming into your home, regardless of the season, therefore regulating the temperature in your home year round. This ensures a higher efficiency from your chosen heating or cooling appliance, giving you far greater comfort levels for your home.

How can we help?

Easy Insulation offers a range of insulation services, including:

  • Existing home insulation: supply and installation to ceilings and underfloors, including ground vapour barriers
  • New-build insulation: supply and installation, or installation only
  • Commercial insulation projects: supply and installation, or installation only
  • Residential Tenancies Act 2016 insulation standards and inspections
  • Healthy Homes 2021 insulation standards and inspections
  • In house quantity surveying of insulation requirements

Remember, we also have availability to insulation funding. Check out our blog on government funding here to see if you’re eligible!
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