Earthwool Ceiling Insulation – High performance ceiling insulation for a comfortable and healthy home

March 18, 2020 at 1:39 PM

Earthwool_Insulation_Pic01.jpgEasy Insulation uses Earthwool Ceiling insulation because it is proven to be a superior product. It is softer, odourless and light brown in colour – no artificial colouring. It is also environmentally friendly. Please keep reading for all the features and benefits of insulating your ceiling with Earthwool insulation.

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Introducing the new generation of ceiling insulation by Earthwool


Earthwool® ceiling insulation with ECOSE® Technology offers superior handling…

Earthwool_Ceiling_Bats.jpgEarthwool insulation doesn’t look or feel like any insulation you have ever experienced.

  • Softer – virtually itch free
  • Odourless – no added formaldehyde
  • Naturally brown – no artificial colours added

Earthwool is a high performance insulation product with combined energy saving, sound absorbing and fire resistance features.

…superior level of sustainability…

The natural brown colour is a result of ECOSE® Technology and represents a level of sustainability, health and safety for glasswool never before achieved:

  • Manufactured using recycled glass bottles and bonded using a biobased technology with no added formaldehyde, phenols, acrylics, artificial colours, bleaches or dyes
  • Earthwool with ECOSE Technology is certified by Eurofins Gold as
    an ‘outstanding material’ according to the VOC (Volatile Organic
    Compounds) Indoor Air Quality emissions regulations
  • Reduces impact on environment through lower embodied energy
  • Reduces pollutant manufacturing emissions and workplace exposures
  • Improves the overall sustainability of buildings where Earthwool® is

...and delivers all the benefits of traditional glasswool!

The thermal, fire resistance, sound absorption and mechanical properties are maintained, with improved product durability.


Earthwool_Insulation_All_You_Need_To_Know.jpgSofter feel

More than 90% of professional installers stated that Earthwool® with ECOSE® Technology has a softer feel and is less itchy compared to conventional glasswool.


ECOSE® Technology makes Earthwool® odourless. More than 80% of installers stated that they prefer the neutral smell of Earthwool over the smell of traditional glasswool made using formaldehyde.


Earthwool_Ceiling_Insulation_Easy_To_Cut.jpgEasy to cut

A majority of installers also indicated an ease in cutting Earthwool with ECOSE Technology.











ECOSE Technology is a revolutionary formaldehydefree binder technology, based on rapidly renewable materials instead of petro-based chemicals. It reduces embodied energy and delivers superior environmental sustainability.
ECOSE Technology was developed for glass and rock mineral wool insulation, but offers the same potential benefits to other products where resin-substitution would be an advantage, such as in wood based panels, abrasives and friction materials.

Earthwool insulation uses breakthrough proprietary fiberisation technology from Knauf Insulation. Longer more flexible strands of glass combined with ECOSE Technology makes Earthwool much softer to handle.


Superior level of sustainability

Earthwool_Insulation_Superior_Sustainability.pngA more sustainable insulation solution

Glasswool insulation is already considered to be highly sustainable in terms of its low environmental impact and use of recycled glass bottles. The development of Earthwool extends the leading position of glasswool as the most important insulation product of the future.

Earthwool delivers a superior level of sustainability…

Bonded using a bio-based technology ECOSE Technology is a revolutionary binder technology, based on rapidly renewable materials instead of petro-based chemicals. It contains no added formaldehyde, phenols, acrylics, artificial colours, bleaches or dyes.

Improves sustainability of buildings

Sustainable building has become a growing part of today’s construction industry. The superior environmental characteristics of Earthwool with ECOSE Technology contributes to improving the overall sustainability of buildings in which they are incorporated.

Reduces workplace exposures and pollutant manufacturing emissions

By eliminating phenol and formaldehyde from our manufacturing process, workplace exposure and pollutant manufacturing emissions are significantly reduced.

Reduces environmental impact through lower embodied energy

Our glasswool with ECOSE® Technology has a lower embodied energy than our traditional glasswool.

Cost competitive

Earthwool® is cost competitive with traditional glasswool to facilitate the market transformation to more sustainable construction.


Earthwool_Insulation_Pic03.jpg…in addition to the environmental benefits of conventional glasswool.

Earthwool products are inherently sustainable because of high recycled and renewable content. Earthwool saves hundreds of times more energy in use over its lifetime than required to manufacture.

High level of recycled content

Earthwool is made using up to 80% recycled content glass.

Optimised packaging

Earthwool products are compressed in packaging up to a ratio of 10 to 1. This optimised packaging allows for reduction of packaging material usage, space saving in storage, reduced energy consumption in transport thus providing a significant overall cost saving and environmental benefit.




Delivers all the benefits of traditional glasswool

Earthwool_Proven_Product_Performance.jpgProven product performance combined with improved durability

Earthwool® made using ECOSE® Technology maintains the already very high performance of glasswool and
meets all thermal, acoustic and fire resistance criteria of our traditional glasswool products.


ECOSE Technology was developed during a five year research and development project aimed at removing formaldehyde from glasswool to improve health and safety. Extensive testing of Earthwool product performance
in internal and external laboratories has confirmed:

  • Fitness for use properties – equalling or exceeding that of traditional glasswool.
  • Long term product performance – mechanical properties and dimensional stability are maintained to high Knauf Insulation quality control standards and form the basis of a 50 year warranty.
  • No attraction to insects, vermin or fungi – extensive testing shows Earthwool made using ECOSE Technology does not provide a medium for the growth of micro organisms nor does it rot, decay or sustain mould. Independent testing also confirms no attraction of insects, including black ants.
  • Enhanced thickness recovery after storage – age testing of Earthwool in compression packaging shows equal or better recovery compared to our traditional glasswool.

Compliance with Australian and European Standards

Earthwool® products have superior characteristics compared to our traditional glasswool and comply with all the required Australian and European Standards for glasswool insulation.


BRANZ_Appraised_Logo.jpgBRANZ Appraisal

The Earthwool range has been assessed by BRANZ to confirm suitability for the Australian Building Code BCA. This includes BRANZ assessment of our technical literature, quality control, installation, service performance and maintenance.

AS/NZS 4859.1:2002

Earthwool products have been tested to this standard by BRANZ confirming the thermal performance.

CE_Marking_Logo.jpgCE marking

Earthwool made with ECOSE® Technology is tested in accordance with all applicable European Norms. All our products comply with the main norm for glasswool insulation: EN 13162: 2008 “Thermal insulation products for buildings – Factory made mineral wool (MW) products – Specification”.




The formulation used for Earthwool insulation has been independently assessed to meet the requirements of the stringent Note Q international standard (and is therefore consistent with the highest Australian and New Zealand industry standards), and also assessed by Knauf Insulation against the criteria of the Australian Safety and Compensation Council ASCC Approved Criteria for Classifying Hazardous Substances [NOHSC: 1008 3rd Edition]. As a result of this assessment, Earthwool insulation is not classified as hazardous according to the NOHSC criteria.

In addition to testing for compliance with Australian Standards, Earthwool is also tested to comply with other national certification schemes including:


All Knauf Insulation glasswool manufacturing facilities are producing in accordance to the strict requirements of ISO 9001:2000. Furthermore, most of our plants are certified in accordance to ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 reflecting our strong ambition for continuous improvement with respect to the growing environmental, health and safety aspects.


International Recognition

Following the launch of Knauf Insulation glasswool made with ECOSE Technology (ie Earthwool insulation) in 2009, our new product range has grown its market share in each country in which it has been available. It is increasingly becoming the preferred glasswool product and has received several esteemed awards, endorsements and certificates from various countries.


Earthwool® with ECOSE Technology


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