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Home and Commercial Insulation

Insulating your home or building is a must. No arguments. If you want any chance at a warmer and drier home you’d better make sure your home is insulated where it can be.

In New Zealand we really need to stop thinking about insulation as just a winter requirement. Its more than that. Insulation prevents heating and cooling loss from within the home, and prevents cool air and warm air from coming into your home regardless of the season. Therefore, it helps to regulate the temperature within your home despite the season, which then ensures far higher efficiency from your chosen heating or cooling appliance. And that means far greater comfort levels for great New Zealanders.

Now that you’re locked in, let’s figure out an action plan. Call Easy Insulation now. We’ve got over a decade of experience in many categories of insulation, we’ve got access to marvellous funding and rates repayment programmes, and we have trade pricing on the best insulation brands in New Zealand. Lets not forget, we’re an EECA provider and Regional Council provider subject to strict audit quality results. We’re trained to IAONZ standards. And we’re trained to NZS4246:2016 standards.


Product/Service Categories


  • Existing home insulation: ceiling, underfloors, ground vapour barriers
  • Residential Tenancies Act 2016 insulation standards and inspections
  • Healthy Homes 2021 insulation standards and inspections
  • New-build insulation: supply and install, or install only
  • Commercial insulation projects: supply and install, or install only
  • In house quantity surveying of insulation requirements


Programmes we are involved with


Bay Of Plenty Regional Council ‘Rotorua Hot Swap Insulation Programme

Find out if you're eligible to put the cost of insulation onto a 10 year rates loan




South Waikato District Council ‘Split the Bill / Buy Now Pay Later Programme

Find out if you're eligible to put the cost of insulation onto a 9 year rates loan



Brands we install












EECA Warmer Kiwi Homes Insulation Programme

Find out if you’re eligible for 80% insulation subsidies