Easy Insulation

Getting Warm Made Easy!


Why we're here

We started in 2008 in Taupo, having shared a miserable freezing winter as flatmates in an uninsulated house and fed up with living in a virtual fridge, we crawled under the house and fixed up the Expol polystyrene to the underfloor. We realised then there were other people like us who were probably living in similar cold conditions and unhealthy homes.

Encouraged with our skills we launched a business concentrating on the underfloor insulation which had been ignored by other contractors. Other companies were insulating ceilings but few were targeting the underfloor insulation.

Our business gained momentum and boomed when the Government subsidy "Warm up New Zealand: Heat Smart" was introduced offering a 33 per cent subsidy to insulate homes. This programme provided a $330 million grant over 4 years to 52 registered national contractors.

We're proud to say that we insulated over 2000 homes within the areas we service through the programme.

Who We are and Why Work with Us?

We're a company that prides itself on making a difference to peoples lives. We're the kind of people that if we see a problem we like to fix it or at least get the best possible outcome for the situation. We like to see good value for money and becoming more energy efficient is good for the planet too.

You as Homeowners have become more aware of the health benefits of insulation since the subsidy was introduced. Families with young children won't tolerate cold uninsulated houses any more.

So good on you for making a difference and taking the plunge to become more energy efficient.

Thank You!


We really appreciate you taking the time to get to know us. To talk further about how we can work together, get in touch on 0800 327 946. We look forward to talking hearing from you!



Directors Rob Jones & Willie Orton