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Wood Burner Installation, Concents and Decommissioning

Kiwis love our woodburners. With an abundance of timber as a natural resource, the unbeatable heating capacity, and the magnificent ambience its no reason why woodburners have been and still are a staple of most kiwi homes. In terms of energy efficiency, if you’re lucky enough to access free firewood, woodburners are undoubtedly the most cost-effective heating solution for you.

There are other key features with woodburners such as hot water heating via a wetback system, using the appliance as a radiant cooktop, and having access to heat without the need for electricity.

Things have certainly changed in the world of woodburners as many regions across New Zealand strive for achieving cleaner air quality. Installation standards are getting more stringent and some airsheds have bylaws in place banning the installation and/or operation of certain types of woodburners. 

To find out where you might sit in the world of woodburners, call Easy Insulation now. We’ve got over a decade of experience within the industry. We are members of the New Zealand Home Heating Association and have accredited Solid Fuel Appliance Installation Technicians doing our work. We’re partnered with some of New Zealand’s best woodburner brands. We’re longstanding contractual partners to a range of subsidy and rates repayment programmes provided by central and local governments, so we’re certainly worth talking to as you try to see if replacing your woodburner is a feasible option.


Product/service categories

  • Freestanding, insert, or built-in woodburner installation
  • Rural, urban, or ultra-low emission woodburner product range
  • Building Consent application, inspection, and compliance management
  • Woodburner decommissioning
  • Management of associated services such as plumbing for wetback systems


related programmes


EECA Warmer Kiwi Homes Wood Burner Programme

Find out if you’re eligible for 80% insulation subsidies




EXCLUSIVE CONTRACTOR: Waikato Regional Council ‘Warm Homes Clean Air – On The House’ heating retrofit programme

Fully fundedwoodburners: find out if you’re eligible for a fully funded woodburner.



South Waikato District Council ‘Split the Bill / Buy Now Pay Later Programme’: subsidised woodburner retrofits

Find out if you're eligible for a subsidy on the cost of decommissioning your non-compliant woodburner and installing an approved woodburner, and then putting the remaining cost onto a 9 year rates loan.



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