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Heat Pump Supply and Installation

Heat pumps are arguably the most cost-effective form of heating. Generally, any of our range of heat pumps will give you 3.5 – 4.5 (often more) times the kW of heat output to every 1kW you pay for to run them. But what makes heat pumps such a good option to consider is the wide range of capabilities.

You can choose from high-wall, floor console, ceiling cassette, multi head to single outdoor unit, ducted systems, among others. Typical residential air conditioning systems can range from 2kW heat output up to 10.3kW in the split system category, or far higher heat outputs in the commercial range. Most of our brands now offer reliable wifi controllable units. As electrical appliances, you could add a solar programme into your home and you might be heating and cooling for free. Some of our systems even integrate with fresh air recovery systems to provide the ultimate in climate control.

It’s important you get the right solution presented to you, and especially important that the unit is sized correctly for the required workload and climate zone. The best way forward here is to call Easy Insulation and schedule a free home assessment. We are focused on making your preferred installation location happen, and we’ll certainly add our own thoughts if we think there’s a better place to optimise the unit’s performance and running costs.

Easy Insulation is an accredited installer for a wide range of New Zealand’s best brands of air-conditioning. We’re also contractual partners to a range of subsidy and rates repayment programmes provided by central and local governments, so we’re certainly worth talking to as you try to figure out the best option for your home.


Product/service categories

  • Split system heat pumps: high wall, floor console, ceiling cassette, under ceiling
  • Multi head systems: high wall, floor console, ceiling cassette
  • Ducted systems: ceiling/wall/underfloor diffusers to selection of rooms
  • Large capacity systems: split system, multi system, ducted system
  • Integrated ducted and energy recovery ventilation systems


Programmes we are involved with


EECA Warmer Kiwi Homes Heat Pump Programme

Find out if you’re eligible for 80% insulation subsidies




EXCLUSIVE CONTRACTOR: Waikato Regional Council ‘Warm Homes Clean Air – On The House’ heating retrofit programme

Fully funded heat pumps: find out if you're eligible for a fully funded heat pump



South Waikato District Council ‘Split the Bill / Buy Now Pay Later Programme’

Subsidised heat pumps: find out if you're eligible for a subsidy on a heat pump and to put the remaining cost onto a 9 year rates loan



Brands we install