South Waikato District Council ‘Tokoroa Split the Bill and Buy Now Pay Later’ programmes

50% funding (limited to $2000 incl GST) towards the cost of decommissioning a non-compliant solid fuel burner and installing a new clean air approved heat pump. Put the remaining cost of this clean heat retrofit, plus any insulation costs onto your rates via a 9-year interest bearing loan.


  • Any home owner (landlord, or owner-occupier)
  • Home exists within the South Waikato District
  • Home must have a legally operable solid fuel burner installed before September 2005 in place
  • Rates must be up to date

Further key terms:

  • One non-compliant solid fuel burner must be decommissioned before the new heat pump can be installed
  • 50% funding available (limited to $2000 incl GST) on the cost of the heating portion of this project (decommission of woodburner, installation of new heat pump).
  • Contract subject to renewal process each year on 30 June.
  • Contract funding allocation is limited to 60 homes per year so please enquire quickly



The South Waikato District Council has been on a quest to clean up the air quality in the South Waikato District via the decommissioning of non-compliant woodburners, and the installation of clean air approved heating appliances for over a decade.

The SWDC ‘Split the Bill’ and ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ programme provides funding towards non-compliant woodburner decommissioning and installation of a clean air approved heat pump. It then offers a 9-year rates loan as a mechanism for paying the balance of the cost off. What’s more, is that you can add insulation into this rates loan if you want to.

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