Bay_of_Plenty_RC_Logo_108px_x_200px.jpgBay Of Plenty Regional Council:
Rotorua Hot Swap (Heating and Insulation)

10 year rates repayment loan to install approved heating appliances, install insulation, and to decommission non-compliant solid fuel burners.


  • Home exists within the ‘Rotorua Airshed
  • Heating loan: Home must have an operable solid fuel burner installed before September 2005 (or a coal/multi-fuel burner) to be removed/replaced. All non-compliant heating appliances must be removed.
  • Insulation loan: Home must not have non-compliant heating in place. If it does, the Rotorua Hot Swap Heating loan can be used to get the home to a ‘compliant’ status, therefore making it eligible for the Rotorua Hot Swap Insulation loan.

Further key terms

  • All non-compliant solid fuel burners must be decommissioned before a new heating appliance and insulation can be installed.
  • Contract ends on 30 June 2021, and is likely to be the last time the Rotorua Hot Swap will run.
  • Contract funding allocation is limited so please enquire quickly.
  • Eligibility will be based on a home assessment by the BOPRC selected and independent ‘Home Performance Advisor’, and the also by Easy Insulation.
  • A new burner rule came into force in January 2020 for the Rotorua Airshed which makes it illegal to use a woodburner installed before September 2005. All appliances that can burn coal, or are primarily designed to heat water are also illegal to use. Active enforcement of these rules is coming.
    If you have an old fire then you should consider using the Rotorua Hot Swap programme now so that you have compliant heating by next winter.



The Bay Of Plenty Regional Council has been on a quest to clean up the Rotorua airshed via the decommissioning of non-compliant woodburners, and the installation of clean air approved heating appliances for over a decade.

The Rotorua Hot Swap (Heating and Insulation) enables any home-owner within the Rotorua Airshed to put the cost of:

  • decommissioning their non-compliant woodburner,
  • installing a new and approved heating appliance, and/or
  • installing insulation

onto a 10 year rates repayment loan.

Different loan limits apply to different heating appliance or insulation loans. Interest rates may be 6%, 3% or interest free depending on the chosen heating appliance. In a few situations you may even be eligible for a $500 grant which would be funded by the BOPRC and simply discounted from your loan total. Please see the Rotorua Hot Swap website for full details:

Want to know more?

Call Easy Insulation on 0800 327 946, or email to organise a free home assessment. Or organise a Home Performance Advisor assessment via Clean Air Rotorua