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Improve your indoor air quality and reduce condensation

Installing a good quality ventilation system will not only improve your indoor air quality within your home it can reduce the risk of Asthma and other respiratory helath problems irritated by damp air, mould spores and dust mites. The average home can produce up to 30 litres of moisture a day and around 46% of New Zealand Homes suffer from condensation. 

Smart Vent Positive Benefits:

  • Draw fresh air in from outside or from the warmer, drier part of your roof space
  • Reduce and remove condensation and moisture
  • An advance centrifugal fan draws air through F7 pleated filter
  • Easily upgradable if you add rooms you can easily add on to your system
  • Combine this Positive system with a Smart Vent Heat Transfer system
  • Add a summer feature and draw fresh air into your home on those warm sticky summer nights












This process positively pressurises your home, with the continuous cycle of fresh air forces out the moist stale air through special exhaust vents and through gaps in windows and doors which removes air borne toxins, dust and dust mites and harmful plooutants.  Creating a healthy fresh living environment.

Smart Vents superior medical grade F7 filtration traps up to 90% of pollens, dust and allergens.  This fresh air is delivered and distributed to each room via unique acoustic insulated ducting, which reduces fan and airflow noise.  Having an adequate ventilation and heat transfer system within your home makes it easier to heat, saving you money over time.

Take the chill off your bedrooms by transfering the heat from your living room!




Heat Transfer Systems are specifically designed to utilise and transfer the excess heat in your living space to other rooms in your home.  

  • Your main living area temperature can be as high as 35° and sits at the ceiling level
  • Use this excess heat and transfer it to your bedrooms and hallway 
  • Comfort throughout your home
  • Add a summer feature and draw fresh air into your home on those warm sticky summer nights
  • Better performing fan and filter to remove pollutants and improve air quality
  • An advanced fan and acoustic insulated ducting, transfers warm air around the home
  • Combine Heat Transfer and Smart Vent Positive pressure system and enjoy the best of heat transfer & venilation