Bay_of_Plenty_RC_Logo_108px_x_200px.jpgBay Of Plenty Regional Council:
Rotorua Low Income Heating Grant

Free installation of Ultra Low Emission Woodburner or Heat Pump, and decommissioning of non-compliant solid fuel burner.



  • Home owner occupier;
  • Home exists within the ‘Rotorua Airshed’
  • Gross combined income of household must be less than $50,000
  • Home must have a legally operable solid fuel burner installed before
    September 2005 in place
  • This burner must be the only source of heating in the home
  • Home must be insulated to EECA standards, however if not, this will get done for free under Easy Insulation’s Rotorua Special Insulation Project

Further key terms

  • All non-compliant solid fuel burners must be decommissioned before a new heating appliance can be installed
  • Contract ends on 30 June 2019
  • Contract funding allocation is limited so please enquire quickly
  • Eligibility will be based on income assessment by BOPRC and home assessment by Easy Insulation.


The Bay Of Plenty Regional Council has been on a quest to clean up the Rotorua airshed via the decommissioning of non-compliant woodburners, and the installation of clean air approved heating appliances for over a decade. The Rotorua Low Income Heating Grant provides fully funded non-compliant woodburner decommissioning, paired with fully funded supply and installation of either an Ultra Low Emission Burner, or a Heat Pump. The Bay Of Plenty Regional Council has paired up with Easy Insulation to this fantastic opportunity to eligible home-owner occupiers who live in the Rotorua Airshed.

Want to know more?

Call Easy Insulation on 0800 327 946, or email to organise a free home assessment. Easy Insulation is the exclusive service provider for the Rotorua Low Income Heating Grant.