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Why choose a Heat Pump?

There are lots of heating options for homes, but using the right kind of energy efficient heater for your circumstances will mean that you keep your home warm, healthy and comfortable to live in while keeping running costs low. An energy efficient heating system can also help our environment by reducing greenhouse gas emmissions and air pollution.  

Efficient heating means more than just having a good heater. It's also about having a well insulated house and using your heaters wisely. Before looking at your heating, get your insulation sorted - you'll be able to use a smaller heating system and your home will be cheaper to heat.

The World Health Organisation, supported by the New Zealand Ministry of Health recommends that you should be heating the rooms that you use to a minimum of 18°C, or a minimum of 20°C for more vulnerable groups like children, the elderly and people who are ill. Overnight you should be striving for a minimum of 16°C in your bedrooms.

It's important to match the size of the system for the space you want to heat this is determined by a number of factors such as the climate zone you live in, whether or not your ceiling, floors and walls are insulated, the percentage of wall space your windows occupy, whether or not your windows are double glazed and the size (in cubic metres) of the rooms you are trying to heat.

Choose from :-

  • Compact Hi-Wall
  • Floor mount
  • Ceiling cassettes
  • Ducted systems
  • Multi-Split systems

The Blue Energy Star:

With so many well priced options on the market, ensure the heat pump you are buying has been awarded the blue "Energy Star" sticker by EECA. This means that the heat pump is one of the most energy efficient on the market and will save you money on running costs.

Heating kW output:

Ensure that the heat pump you choose is big enough, but not too big for the space you're trying to heat. If it's too small it will have to work overtime to heat the space meaning wear and tear on the machine, unnecessary kW usage on your power bill, and importantly it won’t heat the space adequately. If its too large, you will have higher than necessary power consumption as smaller units have generally higher energy efficiency ratios, meaning that a smaller unit may provide more kWs of heat out of every kW you consume and pay for.

Performance at colder temperatures:

Ensure that your heat pump performs at sub zero temperatures, and learn about tricks to enable your heat pump to perform better when its colder.


You should strive for no less than a 5 year warranty. Some brands offer longer warranty periods than this. We currently have an opportunity to extend your warranty with us by utilising our maintenance service.

Special Offer: Extend your Heat Pump Warranty to 10 years!

If your heat pump was installed by Easy Insulation 3 or less years ago (from June 2010) and you take up our 14 point heat pump service check, we’ll extend your heat pump warranty by one year. If you continue to get it serviced annually each year in succession, we’ll add a year for each service you get to your warranty, up to a total of 10 years. *Standard Fujitsu terms and procedures exist.

Cost comparisons of heating systems

















Source - http://www.energywise.govt.nz/sites/all/files/heating-options-lge.gif


Fujitsu Floor Console



3.5kW Heating
2.6kW Cooling
C.O.P 4.32

5.2kW Heating
4.2kW Cooling
C.O.P 3.61

Fujitsu Floor Console




6kW Heating
5.2kW Cooling
C.O.P 3.61

8kW Heating
7.1kW Cooling
C.O.P 3.61

Compact Cassette






6kW Heating
5.2kW Cooling
C.O.P 3.61

8kW Heating
7.1kW Cooling
C.O.P 3.61